Of Cupcakes and Bubble Tea

I've decided that I'm going to start using this thing to write about all of my fun adventures here at UD and elsewhere. Here goes.

Today, after doing homework, I went out to Main Street, which I've discovered is actually a pretty reasonable walk from my dorm. It reminds me of downtown Frederick, only not as old and with more chain stores. Being a college town, it's full of pizza places and coffee shops. I am determined to try out all of the latter to see which has the best tea (since I don't drink coffee). So to start out, I went to a cafe called T'licious because everyone kept telling me they had the best bubble tea. It's very cute inside and the girl working there was very nice. There was a huge assortment of bubble tea in both black and green. I decided to get the strawberry green tea and it was wonderful!

The tea itself was much sweeter than I expected, even though the girl behind the counter said they put syrup in it. Nevertheless, I though it was delicious seeing as I love my tea to be very sweet. The darker area at the bottom of the cup is bubbles of tapioca (hence the name "bubble tea"). The tapioca doesn't really taste like anything...but it's really chewy, so it makes for an interesting combination. I sat outside for a little while drinking my tea, reading my fashion history book that I started over the summer and never finished...

Then I continued down the street, stopping in a couple stores here and there. Main street, however, is mostly restaurants and food places. I heard there was a Goodwill around, but I wasn't able to find it. I almost went into our local nerd store, but I think I'll wait till I get my models from home, then buy some Vallejo paints there.

The last place I went to was SAS Cupcakes! I almost didn't go in because I wasn't hungry (that bubble tea was like a meal), but I thought I'd get a cupcake for later. I am so glad I went in. I saw on their Facebook page that yesterday was the last day to get their pina colada cupcakes before the fall/winter, but there were a couple left today! I got one to go, and now it's sitting in my refrigerator. Their cupcakes are fairly big and kind of hard to eat in one sitting without getting a sugar headache...or feeling guilty (if you're that type). got a little smashed in the bag when I walked home. Also, SAS happens to be directly next to Mizu, a Japanese restaurant I've heard good things about. I think I might go there next time I'm on Main Street and review it.

So that was my day. I think I want Easy Mac for dinner.